Leather & Swarovski® crystals ponytail elastic DEBBY

Price : 49,00 €

The scrunchie, who reminds us of our childhood, has not said his last word. Scrunchies have long been the essential accessory during the 80's and 90's. Subsequently, they fell into oblivion, they even sported an old-fashioned image. We all remember the famous dialogue of Carrie Bradshaw around the darling, the latter should not leave the perimeter of the bathroom.But for our greatest pleasure, since the 2020s, the scrunchie has made a comeback.To adopt the scrunchie without fashion faux-pas, we advise you to bet on falsely neglected hairstyles: on an unstructured braid, a fuzzy bun, a ponytail done in a hurry ... 


The trendy girls of the moment wear the scrunchies both in their hair, but also stacked on their wrists like bracelets. With its pretty heart shape and Swarovski® crystals, the DEBBY elastic band will adorn your hair as well as your wrist. 


This type of accessory is suitable for all hair types (even if you have thin hair).This elastic heart is handcrafted, with the greatest care, by our highly qualified Parisian artisans.



- Made in France, handcrafted in Paris
- Plunged lambskin
- Crystals from Swarovski®
- Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm

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All our crystallized accessories are only realized with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®

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