The name

VALERIE VALENTINE is a French designer who infuses her creations with her own flare for colour, texture and design.

One of the most successful and emblematic examples is her rose. In this most evocative of pieces, the leather is worked to resemble the velour of petals. Swarovski crystals – an element that she has incorporated since the beginning – bring movement and light.

VALERIE VALENTINE transforms the traditional into something dynamic, timeless, beautiful and desirable. «Anything and everything can be a source of inspiration,» says Valérie and as an avid traveller, her voyages are one of many influences.

The graphics of the great cities inspire her; the changing landscapes of nature inspire her. The collection is a walk through a garden of exotic flowers and precious jewels where the most sinuous of arabesques combine.


  • Your path has seen you almost fall into the leather like into a magic potion!

    It's true that my story is intimately intertwined with that material. Before creating hair accessories, I had the chance to take care of a leather clothing workshop. My taste for beautiful leatherwear, especially exotic leatherwear, was born there... The contact with these very beautiful materials, but also the artisans from whom I learned so much, was, I believe, really decisive.

  • In 1991, you turn towards hair accessories and launch a first collection, tell us about that!

    This first collection is the result of a creative meeting with my own sister! She came from a barrette manufacturing company, I handled the leather... We created leather barrettes, starting in a very artisanal way, at home! Then the collection pleased people and was distributed in Sephora, Agatha and in large department stores.

  • In the creative process, do you favor drawing or is the inspiration born of the material itself?

    I do not draw anything beforehand, I need to create each model by having the material in my hands. Sometimes the model takes shape in the course of these manipulations, and sometimes it is a precise idea that guides the research of the materials, like for the flowers, which are emblematic of our collections. I also am inspired the colors of the season, colors favored by fashion. Anything goes !