The Know-How

 It is in its workshop in the 11th district of Paris that the Valérie­ Valentine house creates and manufactures each collection of hair accessories.


It is here that the precious leatherwear is carefully stored. Just like the ribbons of Swarovski crystals of all colors. And each piece is born under the expert hands of artisans, at the end of several technically complex operations, but that also require an acute sense of harmony.


Because each piece is unique, but must be perfectly made. Precision of movement is only equaled here by the artistic demands of beauty, the finished product marvelously expressing what is French sophistication.


In order to be able to cultivate this skilled craftsmanship of exception, Valérie Valentine recruits its employees at the school of Grégoire Ferrandi, the Parisian establishment renowned for its excellence in training of master leather craftsmen.