The Headbands

The headband story has begun in parallel with the diadem story.
Made in metal or plastic, sheathed by leather or precious fabric, its first vocation is to be placed around the head to maintain hair.

Today the headband, besides being very easy to wear, has to bring to your look a singular touch.
Our greenhouses-heads are made in very high quality materials such as leathers of lamb or goat velvet, exotic skins or furs. 

Greenhouses-heads Valérie Valentine are orned with Crystals Swarovski and shaped with all the know-how and the precision of craftsmen and seamstresses mastering their Art at the highest level.

Also very appreciated for the D-day, our Wedding collection of greenhouses-heads is decorated with leather or cloth flowers, with crystals Swarovski and come in a cameo of white and beige for the bride and in a multitude of colors and sizes for the procession.